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Hearing is believing, here is some of my work.

Hip-Hop Mixing 2trk Examples

I can put stutters in your tracks, and I have Autotune.

R&B, Pop And Everything Else

‘Crush’ Includes Live Instruments

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Music Production

Joe Wize of Indiggo Child, Shakti & Marcus Bell of Global SoulSome artist or beat makers specialize at making beats. These created beats can be a extraordinary creation and it is an art. But the real art comes from making an artist
sound terrific over those extraordinary creations. Music production producers make, create the music and direct the artist vocals. They make sure that all parts of the music production, including vocalist and live instruments, performances are at the best they can.  Music production requires that different artist with different styles match their unique styles of music, sometimes picking the best for them. Finally they make sure the over all quality of the record, including mixing and mastering, is the best it could be.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer Joe Wize Mixing @ Verse Studio In BrooklynMy background is in music which means I can create and improvise on the piano in classical, popular,and jazz music. I’ve worked within many genres and I can produce and engineer them well.

I also have a technical background in computers. I understand the differences in music between live and programmed instruments. I love them both, but lately I want to hear more live
material. It’s much more easier on my ears.

Amalia, Kaskade, SOAQ & Eve Soto Writing @ Indiggo ChildI’ve worked with countless singers and music
business professionals sometimes just starting out. One thing that is very important to me is that I find that unique style and sound for a client.

I enjoy meeting and networking with new artist,
producers, managers, beatmakers, sound designers, and music supervisors.

So contact me lets makes some music…